The Best Libraries in the World for Book Lovers

The Best Libraries in the World for Book Lovers

With education being the main focus for most people to gain knowledge it’s understandable why libraries exist. Well, whenever you feel like reading and get some knowledge on something the best place is to visit the library.
Remember when you want to win real money; the place you can visit is the online casino. And most people have found the privilege of securing the bag at the comfort of their homes. But for now we are going to applaud the best libraries you can visit and get the best experience in reading. All the best books by the best authors are available at the world’s best libraries. And if you didn’t know where these libraries are, then surely you will need to read this article.
We hope you will agree with the list that we are going to share with you. It’s a fact that some of the good books are also available online, but visiting the library will also give you a wonderful experience. Meaning that you will explore more books from ancient times to the modern times. At the same time, you will meet people from various cultures and share ideas on the books you can choose to read.
On that note, let’s share with you the best libraries you can visit and get the best reads as well.

Library of Congress – Washington DC USA

The Library of Congress is in Washington DC and it is both the national library as well as the country’s oldest institution. Even though it consists of three buildings, it is also the largest library in the world when it comes to the number of bookshelves.
The place does not only offer a reading and study space. But it is also a tourist attraction and many visitors to Washington DC prefer to visit this place. The library carries a vast holdings and it encompasses 32 million books, and more than 61 million manuscripts, along with a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Vatican Library – Vatican City, Rome

Rome was not built in a day and you can clearly see why the Vatican Library is amongst the best in the world. Even though the library is very attractive, what makes it stand out is also the fact that it is one of the oldest libraries in the world. The library was established in 1475 and to this very day, it looks very modern and it attracts a lot of readers and tourists as well.
The Vatican Library holds more than 1.1 million books, along with 75,000 manuscripts and there are over 8,500 incunabula. As if that is not enough, the library holds the oldest and complete manuscript of the bible along with other important significant medieval times.
If you are a bookworm, then surely these and other libraries are worth visiting and have some wonderful read about many things. From politics, economics to region all the genres are available to offer you the best information that you need to know.