The Best Animation Books you need to Know Today

The Best Animation Books you need to Know Today

If you admire animators and the art of animation then surely you have what it takes to know the beauty of art. You might have enjoyed all the graphics from online casino games that enable you to win real money.
But you need to remember that the art of animation is everywhere. From slapdash drawings to some classic and super landscapes, there are animation books that have it all for you. All you need to do is to pick your piece of the trade and you will be ready to go. But for that to happen, you need to have various options. And for that reason we are going to share with you the best animation books that will make you have joy in the world of animation.

The Animator Survival Kit

Richard Williams is an award winning artist who became popular in animation making. William is very popular for sharing his upbeat ideas when he was working on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This is not the only project that made Richard become famous for his work. Other famous projects that he worked on include the Pink Panther animations, and The Chief and the Cobbler in which he participated as a director.
Who still remembers the 2001 book release from Richard Williams? This is amongst the greatest works that he managed to exonerate all his ideas and created inspiring animation designs. The Animal Survival Kit is very much invaluable that has paved the way for some great and future animators to this very day.

Cartoon Animation

The book came into the shelves in 1994. This is a book by Preston Blair. They say old is golden and that can be very motivational if you see Cartoon Animation in the bookshelves to this very day. Upon its launch the book caught the attention of many audiences and it’s not surprising why Preston ended up working for Disney and MGM.
During his time at the above-mentioned cartoon companies, he animated quite a number of scenes that became popular on television screens. Some of these include; Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Dance of the Hours, Bambi and Pinocchio.
In addition, he also served as an animator during the Golden Age of animation and this was from the period of 1930 to the 1970s.
Nevertheless, Blair’s books Droopy Dog and Flintstones amazed most people. Unfortunately, and fortunately Blair died a year after the books were published. It is pleasing that he let out some of his tips to be known before he was gone.

Acting for Animators 4

This is not a very old book and it found its way to the bookshelves in 2017. The book by ED Hooks is all about the guide on how to not only animate but also the integration of the integral role whereby emotions along with intention have during the animation process. And that can culminate in the making of your animation project.
This is actually an amazing book that will inspire many of those who want to get involved in animation making in this new age.