The Best Selling Authors of All time

There are theories that are increasing indicating that Shakespeare was not the lone author of most of his plays. It is being said that John Fletcher ghost-wrote these last three plays. Moreover, in all of these three there is a belief that he wrote most of the persisting plays than Shakespeare himself.
Well, we might spend the whole day lamenting about Shakespeare whereas we can utilise that time to praise some of the best-selling Authors of all time. The books that have been written by these authors have actually caught the world by storm. Some have inspired whilst others have motivated different communities.
On that note, let us share with you some of the greatest and best-selling authors of all time. These candidates have made it to the list due to the number of books that they have sold out and the awards that they have scoped as well.

Agatha Christie – 2 Billion Books Sold

According to the Guinness World Records, Agatha carries the title of world’s best-selling fiction writer. She secured estimated sales of over 2 billion copies. Christie also was also the most translated author in the history of book writing.

Barbara Cartland – 600 Million

Cartland was a romantic novelist who exemplified the difference between the best-selling authors as well as the best-selling books. However, since sources of information are different, there is a general idea that she wrote close to 723 books and 600 of which were novels. This lead to an estimate of her total sales to 600 million.
And at times, she said to have written 20 books a year, and it makes her the best-selling author of that time.

James Patterson – 300 Million

To those who know their way to booking libraries and bookshops, they must be very much familiar with Patterson books. James Patterson is believed to be the best-selling author in the world right now. And it is believed that he is still the best since 2001. He is also getting credit for being the first author to sell 1 million ebooks and he is the author that consists of the most New York Times bestsellers.
His ability to use the internet to reach a wider audience made him be unique amongst the rest. With everything available on the internet such as online casino games, surely James Patterson is moving with the trends of the modern world.

Horatio Alger 200 Million

The 19th-century book writer was popular for being the master of the dime novel. He got popular when he wrote books such as Rags-to-Riches. This was a story that captivated many people in the USA. Moreover, he also got the reputation of writing a presidential biography on Abraham Lincoln. In addition, he also added other books that include the Young Backwoods Boy, How a Young Rail Splitter Became President into his booking shelf.
If you have found interest in the best books from authors of all time, surely you will need to consider the list above. These books will surely offer you the best moments in reading and get to appreciate the author’s craft.